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about 1 month ago
New Rank/Role

Hey guys, not really any ingame updates right now, but there is NEWS!

Tomorrow, we will be releasing a new rank/role called "Expert"!


What is Expert?

Expert is a SUPER exclusive role/prefix given to players who have shown a great investment of time and dedication to their specific part of our network, whether it be Survival, SkyPvP, Practice or BedWars! What does this mean? It means someone who is an Expert on Survival will not be an Expert on SkyPvP, BedWars or Practice(and vice versa)! They are simply representatives of the community and have proven that they understand how their mode works and actively try to improve it. It is important to note that Experts will NOT be given ANY extra commands or any advantages!!!

How can I become an Expert?

We will NOT be accepting ANY applications for the rank/role Expert! We will be giving people Expert based on merit and if we think you would make a good fit! (Note: Expert does not mean that you need to be the best player on that particular gamemode!)


Who is "we"?

Well, since the Expert role is just now being released, us staff members will be picking people we think deserve it. After that, the Experts will be recommending players that catch their eye to the staff team!

Make a name for yourself! Help new-comers! Give us ideas! Help out staff members! Report any bugs!


Idea Credits: deepthinkin - deepthinkin(Demzii)#5221



ProjectIce Team

about 1 month ago
Quick Update from the Staff Team


Gamemode: PRACTICE

Practice is still getting developed with a new core but there are some road blocks along the way so please be patient and bare with us until further notice about Practice.


Gamemode: SKYPVP

KOTH will be releasing soon, most likely this weekend with loot ranging from special items, rankbooks, vouchers and many more exclusive loot.

Staff Team Message:

These couple of weeks have been a bit slow in terms of updates since most of our staff team are on breaks and will not be online as much as before but very soon updates will speed up with new and exciting more features and updates we got planned. As for now please stick with us so that we can give you the best experience possible while you are with us in Project Ice.

Your Cutest Staff Member,