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1 day ago
Rank, tag, pres, ice kit gone gone

So basically I log in to my Adv1ser acc and i see that its brand new, and it had :

Immortal rank

Coconut tag

Prestige 20

/ekit ICE

10 Ice boots

10 p4u3 boots

20 p4u3 leggs

5 ice chest

5 warlord chest

10 p4u3 chest

 20 p4u3 helms

1 pv full of speed pot stacks

1 pv full of heal pot stacks

6 stacks of pearls

3 stacks of egaps

1 ice axe

5 kb2 swords

10 punch 2 unb3 bows

14 days ago
My pvs are gone gone

Hello, so basically I lost from my pvs :

64 str pots in a stack, 32 speed pots in a stack

1 speed 2 pot

1 insta health 2 pot

1 dooms edge

4 stacks of pearls

1.5 stacks of egaps


1 FrozenKings/Queen, 1 Snowflake, 2 Coconut tags