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13 days ago
My pvs are gone gone

Hey thanks for reporting, ive given back all the loot :)

3 months ago
Website rebranding

Welcome to the new offical website of ProjectIce!
Please register if you havent, if you did enjoy the pure beauty of the new website!

So whats new?
We transfered to a new host, made a new website as you can see and worked on bedwars while still fixing other bugs.

Whats next?

Well now you can hop onto projectice network and enjoy skypvp or practice gamemode :), 

Frequent questions you guys ask me :

When will bedwars release? » Bedwars will release when they are fully finished and tested.
When will staff appeals open? » When we need staff we will make a post here for appeals and keep you notified

Thanks for taking the time to read this article,
Kind regards Astonic